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Challenge YOURSELF to be STRONGER!
Life is not easy, rather let us try hard to not make it as well. Because always the comfort zone isn't a safe place to stay in as it paves no way for growth and challenges.

An infant, teenager, adult or old - who don't have difficulties of their own kind? Everybody does. From waking up early to doing a bit every day in chasing your dreams and going to bed in peace, you could come across a number of circumstances which in short would denote "OH! STOP BEING SO COMPLEX, LETS QUIT." And that's the way we give up, which is unworthy!

They say become tough, challenge your next, win each race and celebrate! Do it, but not more than challenging yourself and being your own competition. Take a moment every day to look in the mirror and realize who you were yesterday and make a desire only to be better today. In this world full of chaos, why hold on for someone when you can be your own guiding light. The way you motivate yourself should be the exemplar to others.

Accordingly, discover your shortcomings - fear none - define a goal - energize yourself - accomplish- rejoice the advancement. Of course, if challenging others makes you strong then challenging yourself will make you stronger!

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