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A friend of mine asked me the other day , what I thought was the most important thing to a successful relationship . Hmmmhellip Interesting question I thought , but what could be the answer Was it loyalty Or a caring attitude perhaps .But somehow these answers, though they fit the bill, didnrsquot seem to strike the right note, I mean something was amiss. I thought and thought , till my brains fell out. And so my journey began, of trying to figure out what was the secret to the long lasting blissfulness of a successful relationship. And the answer I found was not surprisingly, in my friendship with my closest buddy of about 20 years and I am 26. Simply put it was TRUST. I mean Let me put it this way , if we were to turn against each other we , would be our worst enemies. We have done everything together, from chasing girls to bunking lectures, from lying to each othersrsquo parents of course to cover up each othersrsquo suspicious whereabouts to defending one another we have done it all hellip together. He is like a safe , a haven for all my secrets , and like I mentioned if he was to turn against me , I would be totally defenseless , but, and this is the funny part , though I know he holds the power to destroy me in much more sense, than the word implies I am simply not worried , why you may ask It is because of trust , of faith that whatever happens my secrets are safe , that they will go to the grave with him , that in my darkest of the dark hours he would be there with his advice , his ideas or simply his moral support. Thus this answer ended my quest for that elusive answer to my friendrsquos query . It was simply trust ndashi.e giving the power to destroy you to someone and having faith that he / she wonrsquot.

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