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I am Student Coordinator of AERO PROJECT CELL. As we started an initiative to promote the ideas and projects of the students which will make us achieve the mission of the department. We had a separate work space for the club. With this support the club can work proficiently by satisfying the prerequisites and assets expected to work in the venture for the understudies. So that even when students reach fourth year, Mini project competition and other competitions they can make use of the resources available. The idea for funding and the tools required are mentioned below with the amount required.
The main objective for requesting for this requirement is to place the project cell as a constant setup available with all the resources which meet the requirements of the students such as theoretical requirements, basic components and materials required for the students. This idea of setting up a place in the department just sparked when I was searching for the resources and tools required for my project and since all the basic tools are available in the cell it is easy for the students to use it in well versed manner. So that everyone will be fulfilled with their needs. The place also contains some completed models so that students can practically work on it with the help of coordinators and gain knowledge. The resources that will be available are documents and report of almost all the projects done and all basic documents of basic subjects which students usually deal with projects. The documents will be in the form of printed booklet, so that it will be a library of resources. The tools required will include the tools required for Quad copter, RC plane, Software resources which are already available for analyzing and designing in our department, Ornithopter etc. The working and the completed static and dynamic models that will be placed are Ornithopter, RC plane, Quad copter, Delta wing aircraft, Satellite models and few other completed models.

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