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after having so much assignment and presentation we want to go for a long holiday. As the time does not agree with us to spending so much of time for relaxation. Thought it is very easy to enjoy a weekend with friends for a short trip to Kasuli. I along with my brother and some of my friends. Well it was a amazing tour. Apart from Delhi in between the mountain had enjoyed a lot. Specially the temperature was 20 degree. We need to wear jacket. Entire atmosphere was so cool and little bit fogy. Mall road, crist charch and the market all places we visited. We clicked so much of photograph. We had roam entire market , city garden . the main problem was there are so many Monkeys over there. We afraid to having food . they can attact you at any time and can steal your food, your important luggage. We never able to understand how those two day passes away.from Friday night to Sunday morning it was a really peaceful time along withso much fun.

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