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Guys, we’ve been trying to figure out the way to create a time traveling device, we prefer calling it as time-machine. Humans have been adamant, you can call it being headstrong, just to cause a machine that can help travel to future or to past. God knows why they want to travel in time, are they interesting in learning what ice-cream flavors did future have? But fine if they want to travel, then I’m happy to help them in their quest. Now we discussing about the time traveling device, there are UN-imaginable number of scientist, who tried to create something able to achieve time itself, none ever factually made it though. But that doesn’t mean time-machine isn’t for real. Universe have always been a source of magic, a source of all kind of weird activities. And universe is also a creator of time-machine. Now although these machines are invisible to naked eyes but I swear these are for real.

Can you guess what these time-machines created by universe are called?

Yeah! You just guessed it right. a BLACK HOLE. This thing is so much powerful that even a light beam can never come out form it. Black hole is a region in spacetime exhibiting such strong gravitational effect that nothing including light can come out of it.

How a black hole is created?

Now this is a must fact to know, I can tell you all this in a very scientific way, using the toughest language, but you know “i love to make people understand, not to confuse them” so I will use a very basic language to help you learn this.

Consider this space to be a bed-sheet (as space is itself considered to a a non-ending fabric), okay so now you place a cracker on this sheet, and then light it up. This cracker is considered to be as the star in the universe, so this star is now burning,but it has a limit and after that it will burst. The same occur with the stars, they burn for a certain period and when they empty all the gases to burn, they can’t withstand the gravity within them and burst causing a supernova, where the core of that star collapse within itself. Now a cracker burst on a bed-sheet clearly it will create a hole on it, this hole so formed after explosion is called a black hole.
When a star explodes it cause a hole in the space fabric which in turn is called as black hole. Now this black hole is surrounded by event- horizon, this is a region where time stops, if you are trapped here, you’re age won’t change, you won’t feel hunger, moreover you will never die (cool! Isn’t it?).

But this is not where the magic happens, there is yet another region is a black hole that acts as a time machine.

Black hole singularity as a time-machine.

this is a point, just at the center of the black hole, this a region where spacetime curvature becomes infinite, now this is a confusing statement, let us make it a bit easy. Spacetime curvature refer to a point where space and time both are caused to curve. Now here if time is curved then a point where you might be living, will surely intersect with another point in the future, causing you to travel in time.

Now if you fall in this singularity, then for you it will behave as a Einstein- Rosen bridge or simply a worm-hole, causing you to travel to a distance in space with traveling the time at same point.

So guys you see, time travel isn’t just a myth, but a proven fact that universe itself allows.

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