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Since, AI(Artificial Intelligence) has became tremendously demanding subfield in Computer Science, gave rise to many new interdesplinary fields such as Artificial Neural Networks (ANN), Quantum Computing, Machine Learning, Deep Learning and so on... which draws similar topics and theories from Chemistry, Physics, Electricals, Electronics, Computer Science, Biology, Psychology, Mathematics and Statistics.

If you take Artificial Neural Networks (ANN), an artificial brain which is a combination of many processors to process raw data into an machine understandable form and feed the data to a machine such that it can behave and process data like an human brain, which fundamentally implements the concept of neurons in the human brain that process the data and provides the output, which helps us solve complex problems which a human being cannot do.

ANN draws concepts from computational Neuroscience, Cognitive Science, Computational Biology, Bio-informatics and other similar fields ranging from psychology to computer science and biology. The ANN is a computational based technology where in it is modelled concerning the functioning of human brain. This technology of problem solving obviously cannot compete with the complex human brain. The human brain has a powerful cell called "Neuron" which is 100 times faster and efficient compared to an ANN. In the real world if a particular question tossed for a human being, the input given is the question that is asked, the process to output the result is the computation i.e., thinking to answer the question in simple terms and the output is the answer given by the human being for the question that is asked. The actual process of this problem is the human being accepts the question, then the neurons in the human brain process the answer for the question and ultimately outputs the result.

Example, you meet your friend named John and the conversation between you both goes like this.

John: hi, how you doing?!

You:I'm great!

What I basically mean is you accept the question that is the input, then you think for the answer that is the processing of the answer. The answer depends on your mood, it can either be positive or negative. This is where chemistry and psychology come into picture where there might happen chemical reactions based on what your answer would be and what your answer would be is the psychology that is your mental control of your brain. The answer what you say is the output.

This psychological, chemical, mathematical, computational process of answering a question in real time is modelled in a machine as to solve any complex problem for the technology, so that it can solve any question or problem in order to provide best output.

This process of solving a complex problem for the technology is "interdesciplinary" and includes biology for the functions that a human brain performs, psychology for answering the question i.e., mood swings, computer science to feed the data to the machine in terms of programming, chemistry is used to tell the chemical reactions that occur while answering the question where your cognition of the brain matters and slowly leading to psychology, and mathematics and statistics to compute the data by writing algorithms. These are the fields interlinked in Artificial Neural Networks to make a machine think and solve a complex problem like an human being does.

I want to conclude saying that technology is just one step towards replacing the manpower and his complex knowledge by automation.

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