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Mint! Can't be better.
Before beginning my this post, I 39d like to make certain points clear. 1.This is purely my work of fiction and is not intended to be related to anyone. No one. 2.Please do not care to judge me after this. Really It feels bad. 3.Lastly, be free to post whatever you feel. Cheers That night, when we would be coming back home after a brief saunter. As soon as we enter our room, it would take hardly a fraction of second to close it back. Know why Because you would be keenly busy and restless in unraveling my lacy straps with your hands playfully scuffling to play with my tresses. Your incessant force to drive me off to bed would impede when suddenly a knock on the door with your mother telling us to open it would compel you to take your hands off me. Though unwillingly. After a short, in fact really tiny encounter with your mother, you look back to see if the business that you left unfinished for a moment is still at its place. However, you find me nowhere around our bed. Your eyes search for me everywhere, to incarcerate my tender body into your those muscular and strong arms that my heart has craved to fit in, since so many years. Tired and slightly irritated, you call my name loud enough to wake up the people sleeping next to our bedroom. However, soon yoursquod realize that all the untying had been done already in your absence. As soon as you turn up the curtains of our bathroom, yoursquod find me there. Drenched, that incandescent body, longingly waiting for the master to take over everything that has waited an eternity. Your expressions seem to be inscrutable. As if the little attempt to revive that loss love in our life has turned out to be futile. Nevertheless, suddenly my heart takes a jolt when you push me away in your hefty arms and hug me to death. It is an innate tendency of a human to get sentimental during such beautiful times of your life. When you realize that all that affection and warmth that seemed to fade away was just for a matter of time. Passing phase as they say. Locked into each other, we struggle to find a comfy position that would enable us to make love. With that cold water tripping over our warm bodies, you make those little noises of kissing my neck repeatedly. It looks as if we transited from all the materialistic penance to a safer, had better place. Far away from the hustle and bustle of our mundane and worldly hours that has separated our minds and souls to a great extent. Silently we tread out of the washroom with our bodies sopped with water all over. Our tongues delightfully set up on their voyage to clean those tiny droplets of water from our bodies. That lovely musk smell lingering in the air proves to be an ideal niche for those caressed moves that you carefully commit so slowly and yet so beautifully. With every second passing by, we could hear each otherrsquos hearts thumping hard with the waves of intimacy lashing fiercely. I try to speak but your wet lips bound my mouth every time. There isnrsquot a second, a minute that is spared to make our love making an everlasting session. We slowly reach up to the level that unify us. Our bare bodies feel a tinch of cold wave that you alarmingly cover with a warm quilt. Stark naked, we lie beside each other. Wrapped in your arms, I raise a question, ldquowould you stay like this foreverrdquo To which you just give an angelic smile,wrap me more tightly and whisper just 3 words,rdquo yes, and foreverrdquo
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