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Those familiar voices..
Walking through a solitary lane, being crosschecked by some filthy looking guys around. A sudden trepidation tethers my mind. Could I be the next one Then I look back at myself to check if am appropriately dressed or not. Having ensured over my full sleeves salwar kurta, I continue walking. However, I can still hear those stupid chuckling of those people sitting around the corner whom I know, have another of their victim strolling by. Maybe not rape but eve teasing isnrsquot that okay that many of the men around interpret it too be. Okay, this was just an excerpt what every girl, every woman around has and does face every day. Still one of our famous religious preachers says that girls should be decently dressed. Isnrsquot a salwar kurta decent enough to bind the orgasm of these barbaric men who are constantly in search of women to mock at, to tease and more importantly to rape Moreover, you still blame that poor girl of Guwahati who could have been saved but was harassed in front of hundreds of people around and not a soul came for her aid. And you still blame the way we dress Arenrsquot the women of rural areas who are supposed to be in their traditional attire but some of them also ending up with the same fate How do you justify your so-called male chauvinism that is so particular about how women should dress but canrsquot even stop themselves from getting lured by a 9 year old girl child And you still get particular about how should women dress This isnrsquot enough. A year back, a bitch, yes am talking about the female version of dog that was raped by a human being who was obviously a man. Dogs and bitches arenrsquot supposed to be dressed up. Right Then how did you mange to raise such an irrational thought which sadly many irrational people agree upon It is not actually the hemline of the skirt that matters. Itrsquos the hemline of those hundreds of inscrutable minds that is so short and skimpyshorter than that of any skirt, is actually responsible for all these atrocities that have befallen on every woman who had been raped and left strangled all through the rest of her life. In a country, where a famous religious preacher, himself been charged with cases of sexual harassment talks about how women should carry themselves and still have queues of people longing for his so called Darshan. Moreover, you still preach and brag about how women should dress People, girls in salwar kurtas are equally womanish than the ones in western attire. It is the level-headedness of men that play tremendous role.Judge women not by their clothes. In the end, it is all about the character of a person. Excerpt continuedhellip. Thankfully, I reached back home safely. I suppose ignorance is sometimes the best weapon to rely on. However, then I realize, I have to pass by the same lane yet again tomorrow. Every day is new. The only factors that remain constant are those scary laughs, those creepy actions and those inglorious remarks that I would face yet again, tomorrow and probably every day. Image Source http//www.stopstreetharassment.org As 1st published ashttp//www.cityyspeaks.com/2013/02/02/familiar-voices/

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