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IC Engine, one of the greatest inventions of mankind, is one of the most important elements
in our life today. It’s most important application being in automobiles, trains, and aero planes. Our
lifestyle today cannot exist without a way to commutate. IC engines make use of gasoline and diesel.
The population is in the rising trend; this means more the number of individuals, more the requirement
of automobiles to commute. Every year there are around 50 million automobiles being manufactured
all over the world. This situation is very grim. With this rise in use of fossil fuels, there arises a need
to switch to alternative sources of fuel, to drive our engines. But the challenge is to develop machines
which have much higher efficiencies than what we make use today. The most versatile form of energy
that is widely used is electricity. Electric motors are replacing existing IC engines rapidly. But the
storage of electricity holds a drawback, as a large amount of energy cannot be stored. This demands
our machines to possess higher efficiencies, consuming lesser energy and producing more output.
With this rising need of switching to alternative fuels, and alternative sources of energy,
magnetism shows a bright spot in the current scenario. Magnetism is a phenomenon which exists in
our body, our earth as well as our universe. The virtual concept of black holes has been said to be
related to strong magnetic fields. The tremendous energy within a black hole pulls matter inside it to
nowhere. If magnetism can possess such potential, then tapping it the right way can create wonders.
Various researches across the world have proved that magnetic power can be used to develop over
unity devices. Though practically it possesses a lot of limitations to gain efficiency over unity,
achieving near around the same can change the scenario a lot. The development the SCMT refers to
the system where the piston attached with a permanent magnet is being pushed by an electromagnet,
and again being attracted. The reciprocating motion of the piston is converted into rotary motion by
the con rod and crank.
After the invention of internal combustion engines number of changes and researches are
carried out in hopes of improving the engine characteristics. Increasing the efficiency dominantly and
reducing the exhaust gases have been the prime features in the fields of research. The exhaust gases
contain numerous pollutants such as methane, carbon di-oxide, carbon-monoxide etc. that are
extremely harmful to our environment. Hence, the need for inventing Electromagnetic engines was
essential which uses the combined power of an electromagnet as well as a permanent magnet. The
main aim of the project (SCMT Engine) is to totally neglect the consumption of fuel.
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