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Drift at Ease or Drift at Tease
It seems so much cool, fun and easy to drift in a car in movies and commercial, but have you ever tried doing one, how was the experience was it good or a horrible one. These days it feels like drifting in a car is just turning the steering wheel and applying hand break to the car make its skid around, well it is the same.
Kids fantasize the racing and action movies seeing cars drifting around skidding here and there with an ease but if you see it in detail it’s not just the stick and hand break but it is a process in which a person needs to drive the car at instant speed more than 50kmph and need to steer the opposite side of where you want to take the car towards and then give turn the same way you want to turn the car and with the help of half accelerator and a bit of steering the well it can be achieved it.
With the release of the movie series "The Fast and Furious," third part called "Tokyo Drift " drifting has finally made it to Hollywood. Sure, Hollywood has known about donuts for decades, but this one's all about the sport of perfection.
Drifting is really nothing new. If your car's rear end has skid around on a wet road, and you've struggled for 20-30 feet to get control, you've drifted. Even in car racing, drifting is pretty historic. When Racers drive goes around a turn at high speed, especially in starting days of racing when tires didn't have the grip, the back end would sometimes move out. The car would either spin out or the driver would recover from the drift and keep moving. Today, even with tires that could probably grip on a wet track, the ability to drift without spinning out is an enviable skill in racing. The best drivers can control a drift so they can use it to their advantage -- a driver who can take a "non-ideal" path through a turn and brake late, causing the car to lose traction through the turn, has far more opportunities to pass than a driver who can't manage a drift.

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