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Talent refers to the natural ability to do something ,
Skill refers to the ability which is acquired by training and practicing.
Talent is an inborn ability or natural aptitude of a person which is often hidden and needs recognition.
Unlike skill, which is a learnt ability, and it can be developed in someone if he/she put his time and efforts in it.
Talent requires recognition,skill requires development
Talent:Guidance procedure ->coaching
Skill:Guidance procedure ->training
Only the limited number of people are grant with talent , anyone with right potential is eligible for learning the skill
Knowing syntax of an computer language is the talent , applying the same syntax and designing the code to solve an coding challenge or real time problem is the skill.
Therefore, I hope talent is different from skills,
In order to know an individual talent/skill in any field, youth4work is an perfect platform,
How it helps the individual to enrich his/her talent/skill
1.It provides the talent ranks.
Competency Report
Percentage of Job seekers
Percentage of Jobs
yRank ->
gives us world rank
gives us city rank
gives us college rank
yTest ->
gives us yTest percentile
gives us questions attempted
gives us accuracy
discussion ->
Total Forum
Talent trends
It gives us the statistical representation on
talent availability
jobs availability
experience based salary
top salary paying city
for each registered course an individual can get to assess himself about his/her talent/skill
guidance for talent i.e. coaching
guidance for skill
both talent+skill can be improved easily through this platform
how one can enrich talent/skill
youth4work prep tests features and benefits
a.Unlimited Access
Topic-wise questions. Comprehensive coverage of syllabus and previous papers.
b.Largest Question Bank
Intelligent-Adaptive questions. Hints and detailed insights. Never feel short of practice.
c.Measure improvement
Intelligent-Adaptive questions. Hints and detailed insights. Never feel short of practice.
d.Compare Rankings
Understand your performance vis-à-vis others for your speed, accuracy & scores.
prep tests provides practice Tests for all Competitive Exams - Government Jobs, IBPS, SBI, CAT, MAT, SNAP, IIT-JEE, AIEEE, GATE, UPSC, CA, NSDC and what not.

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