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Value of Work Experience
A few years ago life for the average Indian student was very compartmentalized - we studied till we earned the all important degree and then we scouted for jobs. Soon, the degree became insufficient. Everyone emphasized on a Masters, and in a few years time, a large number of Master39s options opened up for aspirants. However, these days quot work experience quot is what makes or breaks one39s CV, notwithstanding a sparkling academic record. As a bridge between the requirements of enterprising students and willing companies, Youth4Work has been a revelation. Not only can students stand a chance to do some very relevant work, but most often the hiring companies know exactly whom they are working with. There are no false expectations on either side, making things more manageable - no cringing awkwardness of new interns Besides earning money, students earn a lot of self-confidence in applying for jobs and fulfilling the work allotted to them. Often, the thrill of a new work assignment breaks any academic monotony and encourages fresh thinking, which benefits work as well as studies. Best of all, after graduating, students are no longer quotnewbiesquot in the workplace. A good track record with a company over Youth4Work ensures valuable contacts and a quotstarquot CV. Youth4Work is much like an online agent for students seeking gainful employment even as they study. The many success stories are for all to see on the various blogs put up by the achievers. Any apprehensions can be easily dispelled by going over the website or contacting the young, willing, and understanding team. In an era, where the internet has opened up a multitude of opportunities, platforms such as this, offer a no-loss proposition for students wanting to make a beginning somewhere. After all, any glory comes from daring to begin

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