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Tips To Set your Goals Right
You will always have the opportunity to set goals, do it with these five (5) guiding principles that I will explain below, and they are derived from the word SMART. This means that you must set a SMART goal in order to be successful.

WHAT does it mean to set SMART goal?

1. Set Specific / Significant Goals. Your goal must be clear and well defined.

Your goals should be easily distinct from wishes. It should have significance in the life of people or I should say that you should ensure that your goal can actually have significant

2. Set Measurable Goals.

Include precise amounts, dates, and so on in your goals so you can measure your degree of success. This way you can easily identify when you are growing, what are the parameters that is encouraging your growth and how best to improve it.

3. Set Attainable Goals.

Make sure that it’s possible to achieve the goals you set. If you set a goal and it appears that you cannot reach it, then it is useless. Check your abilities, although you need to think big, but be realistic with your goals. Check your stream and know what will best suit your future. That will guide you to set an attainable goal.

For Example: being a medical doctor instead of setting goal to build your own hospital, then you went ahead to set a goal of going to build a bridge which is the work of a civil engineer. You will end up dreaming and waste your time.

4. Set Relevant / Realistic Goals.

Set a goal that will be useful to you. Do not waste time in setting goals that are entirely off your needs. If it is relevant to you, then you will have ultimate determination to achieve your goal. So set a very relevant goal. The more relevant it is to you, the high degree of its possibility.

5. Set Time-Bound Goals.

Time is a big factor for every success in life. Although there is no time limit to be relevant in life, but there is always a limitation to what you can do at a certain stage in life.

So, always consider the time factor. Give a deadline to your goals and when you are not able to reach your goal at the appointed time, then change it and add more innovation to your endeavors.

Achieving your goals is much more important than setting them. So ensure to set them right so that you will add value to your time and your resources will not be wasted.

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