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The Power of Expectations
The most successful people live a common trait called; Let it Go. The things that are not working as expected should never tamper with your emotions, thereby depriving you the ability to think positive about your life and the future.

The Lesson from the Train Passengers

A man that sees life as metro train will understand that, everyone comes in and leaves at his/her convenience, some may leave a positive impact while some will dent your space, but what you will notice is what falls in accordance with your expectations. When you are expecting people to come and stay for years in your life with beds of roses, endeavor to build a mansion that will accommodate their life attributes, because no man is complete in one, there must always be imperfections, but what you will always see is what your mind values the most which is either positive or the negative. Expect good to see good.

The Story of the Mind Faulted Motorcycle

In the past 21 days, I was always thinking that my Two Wheeler was becoming faulty, and to my greatest surprise, it actually started making some sounds which later worked in accordance with my expectations.

On a good day, I had the courage to reach out for the opinion of a two wheeler service specialist. He had a 2 minute drive and told me that there was nothing wrong with the motorcycle. Immediately, the word “spoiled” left my mind and I started thinking in another dimension.

The later days after this event, nothing that required a penny for servicing came up in this concern.


Had it been I never thought of the negative, I would never have spent my whole day waiting in a queue to hear the opinion of the service specialist. Do not waste time thinking of the negative, because many things do happen around us, but what we notice the most is what we were expecting, so always expect the good and it will always be greater than the opposite in your daily living.

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