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In our country ,Every person's heart there is a dream.Along with that Dream,in his mind there are certain thoughts and ideas.Some people's ideas are born every day and by evening the ideas die.But there are few peoples who get get involved in their ideas.They don't let go their ideas and the entire family gets worried that he doesn't do anything except wasting time on his idea.Neither does he talk to anyone nor is he meeting his friends.What's wrong with him?He is gonne crazy.But one day,he does something wonderfull then the family tells others"He always had it in him".Because most of them are the 1st generation Entrepreneurs and when the thought of Entrepreneurship,they were told-No son,this isn't our thing.YOu better do a job anywhere.
Initially,when his friends heard about that idea,they might have mocked and ridiculed him.Even now and then,friends might have mocked his saying"he is going to do it".Then at onetime,everyone must have opposed him.Family have must opposed and said-"No,don't do this.Go earn something.Get a job."
for those who remained unbroken,inspite of the opposition.Everyone must be saying"He has done wonders".Even i want to do something like that.This is the story of every startup founder.To build a successfull and lasting business,it is impossible to not have failures.He who runs from water can never learn to swim,atleast once you will drown and then you will learn to swim.when something new is being done,only the one doing it,sees what is going to happen while others see him as crazy.But one day the miracle gone happen .

thanks a lot !!

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