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Save time, have fun and enjoy shopping from anywhere around the worldhelliphellip.E-COMMERCE E-commerce is an industry where buying and selling of different product and service happens especially over the internet. This industry is growing at a faster pace in India. The concept of E-commerce is getting quite popular amongst youth. In this modern world when most of the people are busy in managing their personal life as well as professional life, E-commerce gives everyone an excellent platform for online shopping which saves their time for both buying and selling of their new as well as used products. In a developing country like India where majority of the population are youth, E-commerce has a high demand and growth possibility here. Sites like Flip kart, eBay, Myntra, Amazon etc are gradually getting more and more popularity all over the country. They not only help to save time of the customers, but also help to know the product and its features properly. Those sites give us a clear glance of what we are going to buy and if the price we are paying for the products are justifiable or not. These new platforms are getting success in attracting the youth with its new, fresh and cool styles of selling and buying products.

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