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Which is first Country or Religion
Country is that which give us everything. We born here, we do our everything here. So country just like our Mother. But we forget alwys to do our job for our country. Religion is alwys come after the country. Mother is alwys first love and if any one love there mother then no one can stop there success. Relign is just a word nothing else. In our India ???? here all kind of people all religious people stay. If our leaders like Netaji, Gandhi ji if they alwys love there religion not there nation then today we can't celebrate our Independence Day now also we might be undertaken by the British. This is very clear that they love there country alwys. Now also if we all love our country first then no one can stop us, no one can breck us, we will be become a great country of the world. Chaina there popularity, there unity, there thought that alwys for there country. They manufacture there own product that go all over world. But where our own product is that has popular like China product? We all come together and learn form the other country that how they are success then grow our own success. All Indians have to come first grow this country much more inovetively. If we care about our own things like our garments thats sell to world market then that will be very good for us then. If we all united then other countries will be afraid us they cannot though about to attack India. If we grow our own company then placement will be increase every people get there job in there own country. If we thought about our indian things and work on that to grow newly innovatively then no one can stop us.

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