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Youth in wrong direction
Our Youth has enormous potential. It is the future of not mere the country but the whole universe. Such a huge potential and energy are going to wrong directions. Our youth is misguided and sometimes misinterpreted for their actions and thinking.
parents now a days are often too busy such that they could not teach morals beside learning stuff. Good schooling not only means teaching Science or Commerce but the overall grooming is the true sense of education.
Children from the very beginning of their student life are becoming drug addicts, alcoholics and pissheads. Drugs and alcoholism leads them to do immoral and criminal assaults.
If anyhow they become successful in life then their confidence boosts more and they do more crimes . If they become doctors ,engineers and lawyers any how then where these criminals would carve the future of any nation.
I believe it is the high time when Parents should be aware of their children and give them some morals and ethics beside education because a well mannered person can win any thing by his hardwork and a ill manered person can loose everything even on repeated hardworking.

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