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• Manufacturing is a game which we need to play every day,
? Change our tactics and strategy as we face,
? Learn new ways and means,
? Improvise and
? Remain enthusiastic and buoyant with positive bend of mind and
? Above all enjoy playing it as a game of soccer or cricket.
• If we do the same there is never a dull moment else we remain stressed .
• Failure should be taken as a challenge to do things differently with higher efficiency and productivity and probably with lower cost.
• The aim of any manufacturing professional is to meet ever demanding need and variation of Marketing and
• Sales to meet ever rising aspiration of end users who want Right quantity with Right quality ,Right mix of products(In case of multi product manufacturing unit) with better appearance and at Right time.
• Commercial decision dictates all manufacturing action and demands are at times unrelated to ground reality, but the same acts as a
o Catalyst to goad manufacturing professional to
o Innovate process, procedure and human aspect to remain afloat to meet the challenge.
• It is here real worth of Production man comes to play.
• He needs to be
o Forthright and
o Broadcast all hold ups without fear.
o He should promise what is achievable after deep thought and planning.
o Must develop his team to take up challenge.
• Impediments and imponderable are many like
o we may have machine failure ,
o Die failure ,
o shortage of material and above all
o shortage of right man (May be due absenteeism, sickness, accidents etc.).
• But the happiness is to achieve the same in spite of many holdups.
• Game of production is enjoyable like any game if like a game we invest in
o Taining ,
o Team building ,
o Safety and
o Involvement of all starting from operator to middle management to top management.
• Everyone must think that it is not the blame game but success at end which matter.
• Manufacturing (like life) is a game and that even though we are all competitive by nature we need to play the game together and help each other to achieve the goals .
• A good quality product, produced in a safe environment without causing any environmental issues naturally with sustainable profit is the aim.

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