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Villages on the verge of extinction.
Today, we have become so absorbed in relativity that we have lost the identity of our existence. Today the culture of our culture, our language, the change that has happened in our catering, seems to be seemingly impossible to stop. This so-called comparative attitude of ours is going to be the destruction of development in the name of development.Even after getting such a good education, our fans are looking forward to kneeling before the windy atmosphere. Our view is being misled in the name of false honor, the environment we used to have ever used, we are despised in the same environment, we feel insulted to speak our regional language, our best scholars who came to the big academy Discrimination in the institutions, racism, high-low, talk of eradication, those people play a game of dualism in their real life.Those who talk of integrity and unity of the country, try to spread violence in areas like Kashmir, JNU, Northeast, and institutions. Well this is the condition of those so-called people whose age has made their head white, and this white color is trying to tell us that every white thing is not a symbol of peace and tranquility. So there is sadness but there is less.Today we are refusing to recognize our regional identity. We fear that there is a backwardness in our culture and if our society becomes aware of this, then our numbers will be reduced or will be considered bad. It is a matter of great sadness that these things have spread in the educational institutions which are considered to be the best in the field of education, where all the talent from the rural areas of India gets admission after a lot of hard work.They do not see them turning back in the competition by more than success. Then they do not like to go back to the gardens where they used to play live, they do not remember the farm which is still the most prominent claimant of their current point of time. We talk about why the village is so backward even today? Does this question answer in the above statement? The situation has deteriorated so much that people are forgetting the cottage after sitting on the chair, who supported them in every situation.The village is better or worse than the city, it is not a matter, it is just a change of thoughts, that is why people see the place with inferiority where the most common part of their lives (childhood) has been spent. Blessed are those who remember childhood in the days when the pictures become the medium, it does not matter. Otherwise it is not even time to sleep. We went so far in the show that he stopped watching.After all, what are the concepts we are talking about building a future? Trouble is not from the west, wearing a dress like them, we will not be called the West, if it is embarrassed to be so Indian, then adopt the human values ??of the West, which has been adjusted to the first hypothesis of intimate love from its culture.As far as history is concerned, Indian civilization is being talked about, then why there is a sudden suspicion today. Our civilization Our culture is unique in the world, our villages are those who have kept the status of cities alive so far. Its protection depends on our shoulders. Just ask those who have all the technical and best brains to do the comparison, then to become a better person, otherwise the goons may be found in the street.

"Education is the best in which values ??should be given first place or else robots are more scholars than humans."
Jai Hind

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