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Youth And Recession
Youth joblessness has been a problem in india for several decades. It has been the subject of a wide range of policy interventions. Hundreds of different policies to deal with youth unemployment have been designed and implemented many of these have been carefully evaluated. Yet the accumulated wealth of policy experience failed to prevent a rapid rise in youth unemployment during the Great Recession These issues are the subject of this blog. youth unemployment and its effects on the well-being of the young, arguing that these findings reinforce the need to identify new policies to address youth unemployment. Reasons 1. Youths will generally have less specific human capital relevant to the particular firm for whom they work and also less general work skills. 2. Y oung workers may be less efficient in job search activities than adults. Younger workers are likely to have fewer contacts and less experience of finding work, placing them at a relative disadvantage compared to adults. Such factors may create an incentive to restrict their job search activity, leading to higher rates of unemployment. the outcome is that youths experience considerably higher rates of unemployment than adults.

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