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An Introduction to my Personal Blogs
I can never sit idle... It is due to the vigour of my restless mind that I maintain two personal blogs, contributing my works from time to time. the two of them are as follows- MY CREATIONS -My personal collection of cartoons is a blog called quotMy Creationsquot link mycreations-nishant-dhara.blogspot.inI love drawing and creating my own cartoons. They are always simply and subtly created by me. I have always been appreciated for my genuine and simple works. Herein, I have provided samples of the pictures I have made during the past few months. they are entitled- Tea Time Singing Caterpillar In the rain... 2. PENSIVE ALLEY - I39m not a poet, but sometimes I feel like writing poems. The thoughts accumulating in my mind take the form of verses, and i note them down in my blog entitled 39Pensive Alley39 link http// Till date i have written only three poems- GRIEF HOW I WISH... GLOOM I hope to pen down more and more poems in the near future.
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