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TQM: Role of Organizational Culture
quotQuality is never an accident it is always the result of intelligent effortquot - John Ruskin. Organization Culture is like a set of rules of engagement developed in any organization. How will departments or functions communicate with each other What are the rules of acceptable conduct of employees And much more. This culture can be created or reinforced. It is in our control to shape the culture that is the best fit to an organization. While TQM has separate origins from the culture movement, the two fields have recently converged with the idea that to achieve ldquoexcellencerdquo and ldquoqualityrdquo, it is necessary either to change or work with the culture of an organization. Organization has to play a vital role in achieving best quality for their products and services. To create such culture necessary changes have to be made in operating procedures and in the behavior of employees. We know that quality improvement is about change. This change will create fear and anxiety. To manage change and make it acceptable one has to create a proper atmosphere. This atmosphere can be of trust, motivation and self-confidence. This atmosphere will motivate every employee of the organization to work for getting excellence and which will give you a quality product or service. This will lead to the customer satisfaction and increase performance. Maintaining a high level of quality standard forces organization to change attitude of each employee involved. Standard will fall if any mistake will be accepted. Another way is to do the right things right, the first time, and every time It is a role of top management to create an atmosphere where employees are willing to admit that something is wrong. Organization has to take initiatives in implementing TQM strategies like 5S, kaizen, benchmarking and lean. These initiatives will help in increasing awareness for quality in all organizational process. This will lead to higher level of employee involvement and a culture for continuous improvement. To achieve a system of TQM an organization needs top management commitment, participation, Focus on customer/supplier relationships, Employee involvement in the decision-making process, Continual Process Improvement and many more. Total Quality Management TQM programs are more likely to succeed if the prevailing organizational culture is compatible with the values and basic assumptions proposed by the total quality management discipline. Organizations looking to implement TQM practices need to have an organizational culture that considers learning fundamental for the survival of the organization. Only with the proper organizational culture and environment, TQM initiatives can be successfully implemented.

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