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The basic perspective behind most businesses is to make products and sell them to customers for a profit. These products must have certain quality standard expected by customers. If the quality level is not met, there are consequences to face for the business. Here is the importance of quality comes in picture. Each organization has to decide by their self how best they can satisfy this quality requirement by customers. Figure shows a simplified view for relationship between quality and profitability in any business. Few aspects which will force any organization to achieve best quality can be customerrsquos satisfaction, quality policy, firmrsquos reputation, customer value, safety of customers and many more. These are some parameters that organization has to keep in mind while making product or service. In addition quality is always associated with consistency. If the buyer is happy with the first buying experience regarding needs and want especially quality than he will influence others to buy same product and will be remain happy during each next buying experience. Doing the right thing when no is looking comes from an organization that instills quality into the fabric of corporate culture. It39s the organization that creates a culture where people understand and respect their significance to the overall objectives of the organizations. Business success may simply be the extent to which your organization can produce a higher-quality product or service than your competitors are able to do at a competitive price. When quality is the key to a companyrsquos success, qualitymanagement systems allow organizations to keep up with and meet current quality levels, meet the consumerrsquos requirement for quality, retain employees through competitive compensation programs, and keep up with the latest technology This quality management system helps the organization in terms of reducing defects, ease of problem solving, improvements in products and services, process improvisation, to increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. Quality products and services give the company a spotless reputation in the industry. This reputation allows the company to gain new customers and sell additional products and services to existing customers. This will allows company to increase their revenues from their competitors. In the race for achieving quality firm has to work as a team but not as individual. Achieving quality is a team work. Different areas of the company become reliant upon one another to produce a quality product that meets and exceeds the customers39 expectations. This will improve the culture of an organization where everyone as a member of team move in the same direction of organizationrsquos objectives. This will leads to the situation where objectives will be achieved in a short span of time with a great effectiveness.

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