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The colour green is no longer just a colour but it seems to be a symbol of ecology. GREEN symbolises balance. Here this balance needs to be maintained between environment and technology. Therefore, Green computing is the practical strategy for future use of resources, minimizing the energy usage and maximizing efficiency.
Design, manufacture, use and dispose these are the keys on which green computing works on. Green computing basically works on the adage of re-usability. It provides some ways that can be helpful to gain the sustainability. It is quiet similar to the green revolution but the difference is that it deals with the technology and ecology both. It can help to build a safe place to live in. To achieve this target IT industry and some organisations has taken some initiatives. Some of them are-

* Energy star program:
In 1992 a voluntary programme was introduced in U.S. by the environmental protection agency. Later on it was converted into energy star programme by john S. Hoffmann known as the initiator of the programme. In this programme there is planning to promote the energy efficient equipment’s to spread the awareness to use such devices and technologies

Virtualisation is another way to go green. It is the creation of an illusion of an operating system, server, desktop, a storage device or network resources.in virtualisation several physical machines are combine into single powerful system that is responsible for less power consumption and cooling mechanism.It helps you to decrease operating expenses through automation, through server consolidation.

It is website powered by Google customs search which aims to save energy. Using dark colors on the monitor screen as it can save energy. Accordingly the color of any application we open on the windows requires more power to display. Thus blackle saves energy because the screen is predominantly black.

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