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Our galaxy is very huge and bright,and it contains trillions of stars and interstellar material held together by gravity in the universe.
The sun is a little halfway from the center of the galaxy.Our galaxy is named as "Milky way" as it is very bright and this brightness is due to the sparkling stars forming it.
The word "Milky" is derived from the Latin word "Via Lactea".It means roads of milk or band of light(scientifically).All the planets lies inside the milky way galaxy or More precisely it contains our whole solar sysytem.
During clear night(dark night) from earth it looks like a band of light (group of trillions of stars) as it forms a disk like shape with spiral shaped arms which combines one on one to form a whirlpool structure.
During early 20's,many scientists thought that all the stars in the universe are engaged to form the milky way and many debates were held between scientists.But they were wrong .
There are other many galaxies besides our mother galaxy researched and observed by scientist Edwin Hubble.

According to italian scientist Galileo galilei(15 Feb 1564 - 8 Jan 1642) ,he individually observed stars with his telescope (not visisble with naked sky)and his conclusion tells that stars combining in the sky makes a path or a (band of light) that forms the galaxy.

The oldest stars in the universe is "Methuselah" ,code name -HD 140283.It is said to be 190 light years away from our mother planet Earth.The milky way is a spiral galaxy with lakhs of light year in diameter(100,000 and 150,000).
Having such a huge diameter ,more than 300 billion of stars and about billions of planets are embedded in it ,that makes up the giant galaxy(The Milky way galaxy).

The Milky way also have many smaller galaxies that are component of virgo,bounded to it inside gravitation.About 33% of the world's population cannot see the milky way due to pollution of light and stray light from the moon.The milky's way Galatic plane viewed from the earth shows that an area is covered of the whole sky that have 30 constellation(group of stars considered to be mythological animal,people or god).The milky way is second largest amoung the local group of galaxies due to it's disk like shape and having a huge diameter of space.About 40% mass of the milky way appears as a dark matter.According to scientists,half the matter of the milky way have come from other galaxies neighbouring to it.


constellation in the sky

According to Yale bright star catalogue ,9,096 are visible to our naked eyes with magnitude 6.5 and brighter.lesser than that will be not visible to a person's naked eye.

But ofcourse by using viewing instruments like telescope,it is able to see more stars with lesser magnitude.
Yet,the Milky way constellation is visible from earth because the group of stars forming the constellation is of magnitude 6.5 or above.According to IAU list(International astronomical union) there are 88 constellation in their lists since 1922.

But in this post i'm showing 15 of them based on their size,value or importance and mainly the visibility.With the help of Star map it is easy to observe the particular constellation according to the place you live and the seasons.
For making this simpler and easy for you there are many apps that you can download in pdf format.Here i'm listing three of them (1)Astroviewer (2) Googlesky and (3) Starmap which also comes in ios platform.
download it and print it to make the task easier for you.All of the above map will show you the shape of the contellations.But with the help of this map you're not fully prepared.
You will need two more things.guess....

Ok.here they are.A dark sky away from cities and a binocular or telescope for viewing brighter stars ,nebulae and star clusters.Many of the constellations are visible for six months and many lesser than that.
But the below constellations are the most famous one's and can be visible to naked eyes in the Northern hemisphere.


One of the famous,oldest and biggest constellation is Aquaries.According to the mythology view it represents a handsome young man.It contains no bright stars as their magnitude is less than 3 .
The line to the right side is the arm of aquarius holding a vase through which water is flowing.But this you cannot view from cities.


Famous as a carrier of Zeus, this constellation is mostly visible in the month of september.Aquila is the Eagle according to greek mythology and also the thunderbolt carrier for zeus.
Aquila lies in the milky way light band.This constellation also have a very famous (or you can say prominent) star which is very closer to the naked eyes on the earth.It's name is "Altair".
Top of the aquila forms a inverted "V" which represents the wings and the head of the eagle.


This constellation is clearly visible in the month of december.Different constellations have it's own mythological stories and importance.one amoung the 12th constellation ,this constellation forms the zodiac (constellation that sits the sun's path in the sky).
In old times ,zodiac has it's own importance.According to greek mythology,aries is the Ram having a golden fleece.
It's a symbol of authority and kingship.Aries is formed by the 4 or sometimes 5 visible stars ,forming a line above the ram's head.In aries constellation,Hamal is the most visible star and is commonly termed as "orange giant".

4.canis Major

This constellation is best visible in the month of february.It represents a greek dog "Laelaps".It is said to be the hunting dog of orion.
It is much better visible because it has it's most brightest star "Sirius".Traditionally, this constellation appears in the late summer i.e the dog days of that season."Adhara",another bright star lies at its rear end and the "sirius" is on the top head.


This constellation is visible in the month of november or early winter.According to greek mythology,it's a name of a queen ,who is very beautiful.
She was the mother of princess "Andromeda".With it's brightest five stars it is very easily to find in the night dark sky,and it forms alphabet "W" comprising of five stars.

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