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Before we begin to ponder about some serious and intricate issues about the media, we must understand the importance of media in the society. I can hardly find anyone who does not get affected by it or who remains unexposed to it. This observation underlines the reach of media beyond any doubt. Next is the measurement of its effects on the society for which I would want to remind you of the past 2-3 instances wherein the Social media was used by miscreants to spread rumors which led to the mass exodus, riots and what not. This post is not exclusively about media or its impact but its role in the Elections. Some questions such as these will nudge if not force the readers to think about media and its role in the Elections. What is the role of media in a state where the Elections is due What should be the priority of media in such state How is the media behaving in such state Is it carrying out its responsibility Has it been able to impact the theme of campaign and the content of manifesto of the several political parties contesting According to my observation, I have found wanting the media and its role. I am unable to understand the inclination and tendency of media to perform such below average when it comes to Elections. I am not ready to accept that the money power of the political parties can tie the strong media and its urge to set the tone of Elections. I really want to know these following things ... Why is media not asking the real questions to the prospectives MLAS candidates Why is it not running background checks on the suspicious candidates to filter the unwanted or not deserving out of the race Why is it unable to make the campaigns of political parties run around the issues which it identifies Why does media seem to be chasing the political parties not the other way around Media owes to society and it should perform without fear or favour in such manner that the state gets the best out the Elections

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