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Comparing Youth4Work and its services with similar sites.
Yes I do.

I’ve been using Youth4Work site as well as Prep Guru app ( by Youth4Work) since last 4 months and I have learned many things. It is a Govt. approved portal for students to get job, placement, crack competition exams, make a professional profile, getting connected with college friends etc. It is immensely useful and helpful. Youth4Work helped me in making my professional profile, helped me getting connected to my college, college mates and the community forums as well as talent forums where we can apply for practice tests, online tests, company tests etc which would ultimately help us getting rank, our caliber and our Marks, where we stand etc. Using Youth4Work you come to know about your potential so that you can work upon on weak points and improve.

Yes, It is very uselful in preparing for Competitive Exam or Placements.

Let me compare few Competitive Exam Preparation Sites.

1)First is IBPSExamGuru - This website has a dedicated section for Current Affairs. It helps us know about current happenings, news, GK etc only whereas the Youth4Work not only help us know the Current Affairs but the thing we have studied ; we can directly test our skills by giving Practice Test for the same or go to the GK topic and you’ll find plenty of ques. mentioned with options on the same mentioned topic so that you could learn as well as know more about the topic..

2) Next big site is Jagran Josh - This website is helpful for the aspirants preparing for different competitive exams at various levels. The Curriculum/Notification for UPSE updates, Govt. Job updates etc and the GK section of the website are the most popular among the aspirants. This website covers many sections such as banking exams, SSC etc. One can even find previous year’s question papers, study material, tips and strategies to crack the examination in this site but when compared to Youth4Work site - It also help you get the above same but additionally offers the college community forums to discuss, to ask, to review, to write blog etc and many more benefits unlike other sites. This is the Youth4Work best feature that it offers us job roles according to our profile we mentioned, notifies us about the person looking for our type of profile or the similar job role and also intimate us about the latest exam, placement companies coming for taking students. Youth4Work also suggest you best job roles according to your profile and companies requirement. And if you apply for any competitive exam it will automatically suggest you many mock test to practice, online tests etc and will increase your chance to crack it.

3) Other site is India Bix - This website offers huge repository and distinction of subjects ; its wise information in the form of questions and answers for Bank, Government and other competitive exams are its key feature. It also provides you practice ques. on any topic providing with 4 options so that you can practice and learn then & there itself ; similar to Youth4Work. When compared with Youth4Work it lacks behind with the Network / Social Accounts etc. Its just for Competitive, GK, Core Field and Placement Training ques. to practice but coming to Youth4Work provides beter services like all types of ques. from numerous types of fields from the uncountable no. of Educational Subjects and Courses.

Youth4Work has literally changed the method to apply for Competitive Exam or Placements and the preparations to the same. It's more than sufficient to follow Youth4Work guide lines, updates and practice Youth4Work online, talent, practice tests in order to clear that paper/exam.

On a conclusing note - Youth4Work emerges as a better website to follow and use as compared with some other similar sites because its offers everything for free and working too good in this field. I highly recommend this site/app to students for the preparation to anything.

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