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Youth4Work App ( Prep. Guru), its features and about.
Yoth4Work App/Site - It is an amazing site for Competitve Exams Preparation, Placements, to test yourself etc. I am using Youth4Work since last 4 months. Its been published everywhere now about its authentications, verified content & genuinity that it offers best services to youth n all. The Prep Guru app ( Youth4Work) - It is the app organized and run by Youth4Work. It is a leading online platform, which uses advanced data analytics to help students prepare for Placement Exams, Companies, Competitive Exams, and also help them enhance their skills, to be successful in career.

I have recommended this app to so many of my juniors, my college mates, my class mates and also my friends from different colleges irrespective of the years. I have referred this app. to my teachers too so that my classmates, teachers, faculties etc can be connected through college community forums which would also help the college to build a strong social platform for people associated with SRM or had been associated. It may help our Alumini to interact with the students too through a single platform ie Youth4work.

Now let me tell you that I was with my friends talking about careers, discussing things and it came to my mind that I should tell them about Youth4Work ; so I demonstrated using a phone about the Youth4Work app, its site, its services and everything related to Youth4Work to them. I literally gave a talk on Youth4Work for like 15 min and they we're seriously motivated by the app and its features that how easy it is to be connected to all , to give free tests, to write blogs, to apply for placements, internships, to practice placement tests, mock tests, topic wise and subject wise tests, community forums, talent forums etc

The very next day when I met them they all were really thankful of me that I suggested them such a guidance tool or the job saver that they assured me that- “ for sure Bhaiya! if I use Youth4Work sincerely and practice daily on its app. I may end up grabbing handsome package from the Univ. or any govt. job.” They were genuinely happy to know about such a good thing for us and that too for free. We discussed about how beautifully the Youth4Work team is trying to offer us the best services and gives best outcomes ; provided you are sincere in your studies and knows to get the best out of something. They signed up using my referrings and so called “ All About Youth4Work” session in park motivated them & around 10- 15 signed up; benefiting themselves through the app referral link.

They really appreciate my advice and starting using Youth4Work now. Now I oftenly see them on Youth4Work publishing their stuff, profile, blogs, practicing tests etc. They have also grabbed internships through the same portal and happily discusses with me about the latest trends /happenings on Youth4Work.

I must say Rachit Jain has made us all call it “ A Brilliant Idea / Initiative for the Youth”. Its simply Amazing, Rachit!!

-Ranvijay Tanwar

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