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Five Things I love the Most about Y4W
Five Things I love the Most about Y4W 1. When I came across www.youth4work.com, I felt like wow Where am I . Amid my post graduation, i found an opportunity to work as a freelancer. Jobs are posted in the form of projects. Students get practical exposure, they get a chance to come out of their nut-shell. 2. Youth4Work is a reliable apt source of work, experience, knowledge, exposure and income/pocket money While working a project with Youth4Work was a great experience, adding to my delight surprise was a fair cash prize along with appreciation. When my work assured me appreciation simultaneously, Youth4Work ensured my prize money. It was a great experience for me. I was even appreciated in my college. 3. Youth 4 Work is a great, safe and useful platform for such youth with talent to unleash their skills and also earn for it. 4. The best thing about Y4W is that it creates a link between college students corporate sector. Y4W rightly stands by its name serves the students in the most desirable way. 5. Along with graduation/post graduation, exposure through internship adds an advantage which educational institutions often fail to offer this. But an innovative platform like youth4work strives to bridge this gap between company college students. There are many more things to say about youth4work. Among all, these are the best things I Love about Youth4Work

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