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Y4W Encourages Students to Learn and Earn
Y4W Encourages Students to Learn and Earn Youth4work helps in Indian college students to earn while still under learning stage. Working part time while you study helps you to earn extra cash and develop employment skills and experience which will add value to your resume when you apply for jobs. Companies post projects on Y4W, youth can do any project based on their skills and interest, and they are rewarded based on their performance, if their business is successful, they could even Earn money as they Learn. Students are also rewarded with certificate as a token as appreciation. Youth4Work Providing opportunity for youth to learn, earn and Intern simultaneously. This is great news to all graduate students looking for internships or part-time jobs. Youth4work is a platform which lets you to work in company of your choice at time of convenience. Students should keep in mind that every project has deadline. Y4W provides a platform which gives students with an opportunity to work on company projects. They can work as a free lancer or find an internship. While doing project student has to compete with others and win. This process involves learning while earning. You can start doing internship or become free lancer even if you are still studying. Youth looking for this kind of opportunity can join Youth4work. Itrsquos absolutely FREE

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