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Rashmi @ Youth4Work
Rashmi Youth4Work My professional career at youth4work started from December, 2011. I started working on projects from late December 2011. This year started with great surprises. My first project was ldquoBecome your College Evangelist Represent your college to India Incrdquo. Surprising I won the pre-qualifying amount and certificate. It was great experience on winning my first preq. There was no one to guide me i.e no faculty, not even any of my friends had any idea about y4w. I learned everything on my own. Now when I share my experience with my friends and faculty, they have approached me for minutest help. It feels great to be pioneer of my college. It gave me confidence that I can do it. Irsquom thankful to youth4work team for appreciating my efforts and hard work. I started doing more projects based on my interest. Though I could not win all of them, but nothing could stop me from doing more projects. I was pre qualified in five projects 1. Become your College Evangelist Represent your college to India Inc 2. Chance for article writers to get published in a Magazine 3. Most Popular and best content writers Required 4. Best Proffesional Profile 5. Generate Maximum likes for your college page youth4work I have won finals in 1.Become your College Evangelist Represent your college to India Inc I have received ten recommendations from various companies. This has added a value to my professional career. By doing all these projects I learnt that I can be a good writer. Fortunately, on 24th Feb eTechBuzz Company approached me by offering ldquocontent writerrdquo job. Currently Irsquom also working for them. Currently i39m working on various projects and I have done a lot of hard work for it. I hope my efforts will be appreciated and win the preq. One more surprise I was interviewed by Delhi Press via telephone. I was feeling thrilled by giving my interview. They have published about me and my experience. You can view it I m proud to be part of y4w.
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