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My Dream Of winning Best Student award of AMSSOi became true on 30th March 2012
My Dream of Winning Best Student Award Every college celebrates annual day function and students are awarded for their talent. In similar way, my college AMSSOI also celebrates annual day and final year students are awarded for their excellence. As Irsquom a final year student now, I have always dreamt of winning ldquoBest Student Awardrdquo and making my parents faculty proud of me. This year it was my last annual day AMSSOI. I have been eagerly waiting for this day. Usually the excellence awardees are not informed in advance, they are surprise. I was not aware of winning a award. But, I was hinted about it and my sixth was telling that I might win the award of Best Student. So, my father accompanied me on the day of function. Finally the date and time arrived and I was announced as the winner of ldquoLeelavathi Awardrdquo for ldquoBest All Rounderrdquo MCA Student. I got more than what I expected. There was only one winner from MCA final year and that is me. I was filled with joy and a tear rolled with happiness and my father sitting there was overjoyed. This was the happiest moment in life. Many of my classmates were feeling jealous of me. Can you guess the reason of my winning such an prestigious award Irsquom not boosting about myself but you should analyze it. The main reason is youth4work. Though I donrsquot usually stand first in terms of marks but my overall performance was always appreciated. What made difference with others is my success at youth4work. I am always in touch with my faculty and director sir. I keep informing them about my progress in youth4work. This is what made difference with other students. Three things made me winner From the time I have joined in amssoi 1. I won second prize in state level competition for case study 2. I won Most Committed Student of CSI in Region V all over India 3. My work in youth4work Y4W made me clear cut winner of Leelavathi Award in my college. I have to thank y4w once again. Y4w has added a value in my life.
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