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fear & cowardice - know the difference
peolpe often relate these two words - fear cowardice. most of us believe that one who fears is a coward. but that is not the case. everyone of us has some kind of fear inside. but a coward is the one who does not have the courage to face his/her fear. one thing we all should understand is that a god fering person is not coward. a school going kid who fears that his mother would catch him bunking his class is not coward. a driver who puts on seat belt because of the fear of getting caught by a policeman is not coward. there are many more case where fear has nothing to do with cowardice. in fact sometimes fear is necessary. if some unwanted things or illegal deeds do not happen because of fear then fear is absolutely positive. but cowardice happens when fear takes a negative turn. when we are unable to stand against injustice. when we allow a wrong deed to take place. when we do a task to which aou conscience do not allow. thus , we need to understand who is a real coward. i hope after reading this blog, the tag quotfattuquot would be given to appropriate persons

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