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Presently the country is developed at faster rate in terms of infrastructure,
employment opportunities, industrialization, economic growth, living standard
etc. due to the availability of sustainable resources in an urban an areas. But in
Rural areas, the scenario is completely different because of deficiency of
Literacy, technical facilities, basic amenities like water supply, Drainage Facility,
Road Network, etc. Due to the scarcity of these sustainable facilities, the
people are migrated from rural to urban area to improve their living standard
and better future.
In order to stop this migration and better future prospect Government
of Gujarat presented the Vishwakarma Yojana which concentrated on the
Rurbanization of Village. Under this scheme, the proposed village is allotted by
GTU to the Student for surveying and development schemes are proposed and
Godavadi village is Gram Panchayat under the control of Mandvi Tehsil
Administration. Village lies on the Vadoli-Mandvi road approximately 12 km
from the subdistrict Mandvi on the outskirts of the river Tapi. The total
geographical area of village is 741.2 hectare. The village has a population of
3915 people and encompasses 804 families. On an average, a family has 8
members. The main occupation of the villagers was agriculture. Two to three
crops were being every year.
The cleanliness of village is very poor and there is no arrangement of
Solid Waste Management and residents are not aware about this situation how
they affect their livelihood. Physical infrastructure facilities like drinking water,
road network, etc. are available but not in an adequate manner. Primary
Health care centre are also available but not able to facilitate the villagers
because assigned person are not responsible. There is no any sustainable
infrastructure facilities like bio-gas plant, rain water harvesting system etc. are
available. Higher education facilities are not provided in the village.
Based on our observation and collected data and comparing existing
facilities with required facilities as per norms i.e., Gap Analysis we proposed
the design of Public Garden, Facilitation of CCTV Camera , Bank, Public Toilet,
Sabha Mandap and Solid Waste Management.

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