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Rape is not a murder. YES, YOU READ IT RIGHT. Rape, of course, is one of the most heinous crime of all.
Because it is we as a society who make rape even worse. The worst part about the rape is not sexual assault. That is just the beginning of poor girl's misery. She from day 1 is told to hide it from others. Even Government makes sure the girl's identity is not revealed. But no one ever had a problem with that. Because we as society don't want to accept that we are contributing in the rape. Yes, WE ARE CONTRIBUTING IN RAPE. You know how? It is because of us that poor girl us frightened what her life would be will she be accepted in the society I'm with open arms? Will her friends talk to her? Will the one she loves marry her? What will happen if anyone ever finds out about it? Yes, this is the worse part about Rape. Knowing that now she will have the baggage of hiding the worst part about her life. No one to share her insecurities. No one to comfort her. She will think thousand times even to reveal it to someone she trusts. Thinking how they will react. No one to hold her in their arms and tell her is was not her mistake. The worst is we referring to it as "Izzat lutana". How the hell is her honour lost because some piece of a shit's shameful act. This goes on to show how miserably have we failed as a society to comfort the victims, to make them believe that they are perfectly normal human being with a very very bad experience, to give her the confidence that because of an asshole she won't be restricted from living her life freely. It is this comfort which will give the confidence to victims to report it. We to much focus on things like increasing the punishment, enforcing the law, etc. Some even go on to accuse girls. But very few I see concerned about making life better for the girl after that. To accept her with open arms. And to let her live her life. It is important that such criminals get punished. But what is more important is the victim can lead a normal life without having to carry that heinous event in their heart all their life.

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