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Blog about SAT exam
SAT Scholastic Aptitude Test is the most widely used exam college entrance exam. More than 2 million students take it every year. It has 3 sections namely: Reading, Writing, and Mathematics that you have learned in school that is important for success in colleges. It is mainly used in the US.
SAT has 4 sections namely: Maths, Reading, Writing, Essay Writing (this is an optional section which is also unmarked section students will not be marked for this section.)
The maths section has 57 questions and the calculator is allowed for 37 questions. 80 minutes are given for this section.
Writing and language section: 44 questions. 35 minutes long
Essay (as per the choice of the student): 1 question, 50 mins long.
SAT has total question of 154 questions.
There is no negative marking.
Total marks of the SAT exam are 1600 and a score above 1450 is considered to be a good score in the SAT exam.

1. The student should attempt that section in which students know better and have a piece of good knowledge about it.
2. Try to improve your skill and speed of attempting the question.
3. Manage your time properly so that you score a good mark on the SAT.
4. Maintain proper health. Don’t fall ill between the exam and before the exam.

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