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Somewhere down the lines One of the usual morning, alarm rings on my mobile, I wake up trying to be a brave heart warrior convincing myself that i can win this war but the war in my case is to get up and reach office on time. I check my WhatsApp missed conversations, Facebook updates and try to start a fresh day in my life. The life above is similar to majority of the youngsters in todays world. Our first priority is our mobile phone. We tend to ignore those beautiful things that once used to be the vital part of our life. What is the reason for this change The answer is Technology. The growing world of technology has made man a prisoner of his own inventions. We are becoming slaves to this world of social media and the sad thing is that we dont even realize that. The world around us is limited to the small virtual world of our online friends. But can a Facebook chat match a Face to Face meeting with your best friend Can a WhatsApp conversation match a Whats Upp Yaar chat with your old buddy Can a Twitter tweet match a small text message from your old school friend Somewhere down the lines we all know that nothing of the above real conversations can match the conversations we have virtually on our smart phones. But we still thrive to use them for our hearts content. Its not that I am telling you that we should be against technology as social media serves as a bridge between our busy schedule and our friends but the excessive usage is killing the real human interaction which we used to have in our earlier days. We are missing those small moments of hanging out with our friends as video calling, Skype has replaced those casual meetings. So I feel that its high time we spend at least a day in our life with our loved ones keeping free from your mobile, keep your office tensions aside and then feel the difference how the real world enlightens the deep hidden feelings of your heart that could have never surfaced out with our never ending needs of the modern technology. Give it a thought, you may never know if this was the thing that was missing from your life though you had all things at your comfort.

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