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Life often has resemblance to River it flows leaving behind people, places and memories. Rivers go through everything the up and downs of mountains, the emptiness of forests, through meddling hamlets it might get altered, it might get slow at times but never stops before reaching where it meant to be. It lives everything and in every mold Life is also meant to be lived in the same manner. We canrsquot expect sunshine every time and it will rain all the time. Life often offers us every color, we are too busy to to choose what suits us but a rainbow canrsquot be of a few colors, one need all the seven. There are phases in life and every phase develops us for the next. Trying to escape one will not help. We always want to be happy but never want to go through the agony of adversities, but miseries of life helps us to acknowledge the good time. Nobody like to fail but failures only helps to recognize the worth of success. Significance of morning is because it comes after night, the accent of light is because of darkness. Life is often like an alien city, with untraveled roads and places unheard of. The only way to know more is to explore more. To know the routes one has to travel them, to know the places one need to reach their. The journey may take few to their desired destination for others the journey may become the destination. At the end it doesnrsquot matter how many roads we have traveled what matters is how many destinations we have reached and more roads traveled is proportional to more destinations explored, which is proportional to more lives we have lived. So Live ithelliphelliphellip..whether dusk or dawnhellip..the life must go onhelliphelliphellip You can also read this blog at my Word Press account the link is...http//

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