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So here we go. What is PHP As per the internet terms it says PHP is a widely-used general-purpose scripting language that is especially suited for Web development and can be embedded into HTML.PHP is something that is best for web and only web. A fact that says that 77.5 of the web pages are actually designed using PHP quite an interesting thing to note. Not all programming languages are created alike and PHP stands as a best example to prove this. Its one of the most amazing languages to be learnt because its simple, cool, and dont have to code for pages. Every developer has his or her own idea about each language .One may like Python, ROR and many more to add to that. But in my point of view its php that drives me crazy enough. For a starter PHP is something worth trying. The reason why it attracted me is It can be hosted almost anywhere. Effective programming and adapt itself to many of the servers. To start a project with PHP makes it more interesting. With PHP one can be sure to learn and go really far in that language before they would even realise that this same thing can be done with another language. Simplicity is something we should look for in everything we do and I found it here in PHP. There is no pointers, no data types etc. Its amazingly flexible and you have everything I mean the sources are available at large in the internet and its free The fun part is seeing people crazy about PHP all over the world. The code snippets are found in the net which makes it easy to code as well. It has almost changed the days where people design their sites using HTML, CSS and even the complex tasks are done within minutes. The best thing about it is when comparing it with other languages mainly the coding part, others have code for pages and here its not even one. I aint an expert and now is the time I sign off and start learning things in PHP Jlove php When my heart thinks about PHP its echo love PHP n will always 3

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