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Communication: the basic practice to convey ones perception.
Whether the perception has been understood by the other or not truly depend upon the way one communicates, portrays and depicts their point of views.
Being a very chatty (as people may say) or easy communicator (as I believe) I give utmost importance in putting my views in front of others. May it be in college, at work or with friends and families.
To be able to make others understand through communication is an essential characteristic one must possess in the business world as well. As business involves B2B, B2C and C2B relations. The ability to communicate at all levels is very crucial.
I believe in informal communication for the purpose of sales. To be able to understand the customers perspective, their needs and requirements and submitting to them with complete efficiency and clear outlook. It is the prime need in any business to grow. To be able to answer customer grievances and handle their criticism with ones communicating abilities will make the business work load a tad bit simpler. Hence, It is the prerequisite duty of a business work allocator to find the most suitable and appropriate intern/candidate who is able to communicate with ease and fluency which others understand best.

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