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The University Express - An outline of Delhi University is a web magazine managed by the students of Delhi University with an aim to share the latest happenings all around DU Description The University Express is an online magazine that shares all the latest happenings from every part of the University of Delhi. The entire organisation is managed by and for the students of Delhi University. The University of Delhi is a premier university of the country and is known for its high standards in teaching and research and attracts eminent scholars to its faculty. It was established in 1922 as a unitary, teaching and residential university by an act of the Central Legislative Assembly. The President of India is the Visitor, the Vice President is the Chancellor and the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of India is the Pro-Chancellor of the University. quot University Express quot aims to connect all the 75 colleges of Delhi University and help them grow under a common roof. The focus is to provide them free councelling regarding the colleges and courses and answer their queries to the maximum extent.

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