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all about WORK MAIL
Gain maximum benefit out of Y4W website. How Read on to find out. As soon as you get yourself registered at Y4W site, your account gets created. By simply hitting on the Verification Link send by Y4W at your e-mail id, your account gets activated. An active account at Y4W comes handy with plenty of extremely benefiting features. One of them is ldquoWork Mailsrdquo . Y4W duly believes in and encourages Free Flow of Communication amidst all its users. Therefore, it has come up with a feature called Work Mails , which allows all the registered users to send/receive mails at the platform of Benefits of Work Mails Work Mail is free. With no production, materials or postage expenses, you can easily and affordably communicate any information. Work Mail is fast. Time-sensitive information can be received within minutes. Work Mail generates an immediate response. By providing links within their inbox of mail accounts like gmail, yahoo, hotmail, etc., you give potential participants an opportunity to give back quicker response to your sent Work Mails to them. You can see the results of your efforts far instantly, in comparison to other ways. Work Mail is targeted. You can easily segment your lists into groups so your Work Mails go to the individuals who you think are the best ones to be targeted and also, the ones who are most likely to respond to that particular message. Work Mail is proactive. Instead of passively waiting for participants to visit your job posting links or blog pages, Work Mail enables you to aggressively communicate with and educate registered youth and proven Talents at Y4W. Work Mail expands your reach. Grow your database by sending information to your participants in form of Work Mails. Work Mail fosters Work Relationships. Build a regular, ongoing dialogue with those registrants/participants who appreciate the routine communication. Those who do not can easily opt-out. At y4w, thousands of companies are using the feature of Work Mails to Manage their Recruitment requirements Get more participants Expand their group of Followers Build their brand Send customizable mails Exchange information when are you going to start using Work Mail feature at Y4W If you have any query or suggestion to share, please write me at shivani

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