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“Hey! How are you? Where have been? Its been quite long yaa..lets al of us catch up dis weekend!”
“Yeah dude…dats true. I m in. Lets make a plan n hv a blast.”

You must be thinking its a telephonic conversation but I wish that was true. It’s a part of a "series of texts" exchanged between me and my friend. And what follows is a string of messages and group chats. Pursuing everyone to meet, decide a date and an appropriate place. Some agree to only meet for few hours and some are in for a day’s outing. Its been almost two weeks since this discussion took place but with no result! I wonder will all of us even meet or just go on like this only. The chances of the latter are more though! Not blaming anyone but everyone is busy in their respective careers and lives. Getting the time adjusted is indeed a tough task. But am hopeful.

Meanwhile the thought occurs to my mind is at least we are connected to each other through this great invention called smartphones & messaging apps. Once in a couple of days or daily we catch up with each other through it. Well even if its only virtual. The connection is still there. But in reality there is definitely something that’s lacking. May be that’s what you call a personal touch.

No matter how much you text each other or chat or call, you can never replace the feeling you get when you meet your near & dear ones. As it’s always the reality that gets you involved right. Makes you feel closer to people. But things have changed now. As virtual world has definitely taken the front seat pushing physical presence to the back one. And no am not saying that I am excluded. Even I have become the part of it to some extent. And you have to. You can’t stay aloof when everyone around you are part of a virtual world. You have to be one of them to stay connected. To stay in touch. Otherwise you feel left out. You’re missing in action. These messaging apps or video calls have made us lazy to get up from our place, go out there and give a surprise visit to those friends. The situation is not the same when you meet. It has worsened. Why? Well because when people do get together all they are interested in is clicking pics, selfies to post on their social networks. To let people know that they’re having fun, enjoying to the fullest. Really? I doubt!!! And by saying this I am not exaggerating things coz it’s the fact as I have noticed it on quite a few occasions. People actually have got so involved and cautious of their social network that they have forgotten to actually interact with real people sitting beside them or enjoy the real moment that would pass so quickly. They are sitting together glued to their phones. Boasting of what cool place they are in!

Those days when you would just go and meet your friends or relatives or cousins and have a heart to heart talk have almost reduced. You don’t feel good when you change your profile picture and you get less likes. You don’t feel good when you don’t get response of the text you just sent. You don’t feel good when your creativity gets unnoticed online. Its become so much virtual. I am sure we all have our different groups online; office group, train group, bus group, then there’s family and friends.

So when I hear someone say that your generation is not active socially; I just laugh and think you have no idea how social we are!

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