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The alarm starts buzzing. It’s 7 in the morning. Time to get up & give a kick start to the day. Otherwise it’s impossible to reach office ‘on-time’. Yeah as if I have committed a sin! I am not denying the value of time or being punctual but it’s not my fault if there’s a road reconstruction work going on or the bus driver is in his own thoughts driving like he is on a sight-seeing trip! If you include travel time in the office hours then nowadays we do almost 12 hours job. Yup. Its for most of us who travel for work in buses, trains, car pool or whichever transport you board. That means we only have 2-3 hours until the hectic day takes the toll on us & we surrender and go into the dream world! Then again get up the next day, do the same chores again, get tired and go to sleep. That’s the routine. The word itself is so boring.

Why am I writing this? There’s nothing new right. Almost everyone has some sort of routine set in their life. It’s what we’ve seen our parents do and were taught and in turn raised in the same pattern. The same story. So what? But this is the question that was raised in my mind by my favorite director’s and actor’s movie ‘Tamasha’. What a brilliant acting by Ranbir Kapoor. The complexity of the character though I felt was a bit more than needed. But the message came across quite clear. We are individuals. Different people. We have likes & dislikes that differs with each other. All of us can’t agree to the same decision. We react to the same situation differently. The things that make me happy might be someone’s sorrow. So why the hell our lives should be same? Why the hell my story should be similar to someone else’s? why the hell I have to follow the crowd? I have my own special talent so why shouldn’t I give myself a chance to explore that?!! Think about it.

Earlier a bunch of films have given the same message like Taare zameen par and 3 idiots that do what makes you happy. Follow your passion. The message is same here but in a complex way. You can clearly sense how difficult life becomes for ved, RK’s character in the film, as he is forced into something he doesn’t understand. After trying hard he becomes successful in becoming like others and leading the mechanical life. Only realising later that what he has been trapped into. While deepika’s character comes like a fresh air into ved’s life encouraging him to discover himself again! Wow! That’s what you can expect from the director like Imtiaz Ali and his storytelling. I got impressed by his story line and how well he can make his actors act. That too so naturally!

It’s simple. If you love what you do then you aren’t leading the mechanical life. You are simply LIVING each and every moment of your life. Find your path. Be yourself. After all we are humans not machines.

So create your own story, I am sure it’s bound to be awesome!

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