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As tourism is one of the fastest growing industries today, thus within the tourism industry events are getting
more and more important Events can offer various economic and social benefits for destinations, and therefore
destination managers can and should employ events effectively in a tourism role. Even around hugely popular
tourist places, there lie a number of attractive, but less known places, when a tourist from another country visits
a highly popular tourists spot in India, his/her sightseeing is limited to a maximum of two days.The core
objective of the paper is to introduce a framework of cave tourism in Mumbai as a tourism circuit. More over
this research paper also aims to promote the cultural and heritage value of the country, Socio-economic
development of areas, preserving national heritage and environment, to develop circuits having tourist potential
in a planned and prioritized manner, Enhancing the tourist attractiveness by developing the circuit. And at the
end,It can also increase India’s share in world tourism.
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