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Have questions about ASP.NET Web API? Whether you're brand new to the framework or you want to take your design to the next level, this course has the answers! Experts Christopher Harrison and Jeremy Likness walk you through Web API technology, uses, and nuances. See how the toolset makes it easy to build consumable RESTful services, accessible by a variety of clients from myriad platforms.

Get a good look at token-based security features, route attributes, error handling, and versioning. See why it is the ideal way to surface APIs that target browsers and mobile devices. Hear details on how you can easily use the built-in Visual Studio templates or explore customization, design, and implementation. Check out this informative and practical Web Wednesdays event!

Instructors | Christopher Harrison - Microsoft Content Developer; Jeremy Likness - iVision Principal Architect
Get an overview of Web API, RESTful services, and ASP.NET scaffolding.
Basic Design
Gain a greater understanding of resources and HTTP verbs, content negotiation, and tools for testing services.
Learn about using media formatters for custom content type, changing the behavior of serializers, and working with routes and attributes.
Validation and Error Handling
Discover standard ways to manage errors and status codes, using built-in model validation in ASP.NET, taking advantage of helpers, exception filters, and global exception handling.
Get details on authentication, token-based authentication, authorization filters, role-based authorization, and preventing cross-site request forgery.
Advanced Design
Learn about building parameters, using type converters, model-binding, methods to version the API, and wrapping the service in Azure API services.
Creative Commons Attribution licence (reuse allowed)
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