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TRIBUTE We all know how important our parents are in our lives. Today I wish to express my love and care towards my parents. Parents are the only reason for our existence on the planet earth. They gave birth and bought everything we needed. They struggle hard day and night just to see a pretty smile on our face. They do everything without expecting any return from us. Giving respect to them is equal to praying God twice a day. If people say you are good looking, itrsquos because of your parents, if they say you are intelligent itrsquos all because of them. We are supposed to be thankful to our parents for every compliment we get. Just think at least once before giving back answers to your parents before hurting them that what we would have been if they were not there, what would be our situation if we donrsquot have their support, where we would be if they had to think before giving birth to us, what used to be our condition if they are selfish. Our parents have done a lot to us, they are still doing a lot to us and they continue to do till their last breath. They consider us as the sight of their eyes, air they breathe in, then why donrsquot we They are always with us through out their life. So, be with them, help them as much as possible, and take care of them lsquobecause they are gifted by GODrsquo. ldquoLoving them is opening the doors of heaven and being loved by them is heavenrdquo. Thank you Dad Mom for always being there for me.

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