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Chase Your Dreams
Chase Your Dreams One great luxury in which the youth in the society can indulge is to dream. One who cannot dream cannot achieve progress. To dream is to liberate one-self from the shackles which bind the individual and which do not allow creativity. Hence dream abundantly. Dreams could be at two levels Conscious and Subconscious. Either level of dreams should open up your mind to follow utmost bounds of human thought. Onersquos dream should lead either to discover or invent. Both are necessary to further the frontiers of knowledge. Both of them wake up the expanding horizons in knowledge society. Either is as good as the other. Vast body of knowledge exists around us all the time. However, we have to sieve for ideas which are floating around us. That is pursuit of research, pursuit of knowledge. That is the kernel of research. Ideas so sieved form the basis of systematization of knowledge. Such an idea may be end in itself. Or it may be a basis for formation of a new set of ideas. That may be an innovation. A discovery or an invention in itself may be very important. Such fundamental reorganization is needed today and ever. But onersquos pursuit of knowledge may not be the end at that. One may have to pursuit further. This seminal idea or sets of ideas may have to be crafted to benefit the society of which we are a part. There are vast multitudes of people who may have an access to ideas or gestalt of them. They need to be brought within the preamble of such ideas so that they can be the beneficiaries of such novelties. This entire process could be innovation. Innovation is then the urgent desideratum of the hour. Be therefore innovative. The quintessence of dreams could be innovative. Innovation is decorative carving of something. Something which is non existing at present. Which can take shape today or in the near or far future It might take flight from the wings of imagination. It may be embryonic formation or formulation of future advantages which can heap fruits of toil for mankind. Creativity is thus the basis for knowledge society. Innovation could be economic or cost effective. It may liberate the masses from the chains of poverty or illiteracy. Perhaps a dire necessity for the toiling masses. Innovation may be entrepreneurship. Enterprise is the soul of innovation. Enterprise smacks of risk taking. Without risk nothing may materialize or manifest. Youth and youth alone can venture into risky entrepreneurship. Donrsquot allow your youthful days to slip out of your hands. Grab the contours of youthfulness with your both hands. Dream, my young friends. Chase your dreams relentlessly until you make your basis meaningful. Time flies, flew at its speed. Get past of it. Be ahead of it then can you hold it by horns. Dream till you reach your goals.

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