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AMSSOI STARS AUTOMATING COLLEGE SYSTEM All the final year MCA students are busy with automating the management system of Andhra Mahila Sabha School Of Informatics. Usually all the MCA final year students need to do projects by finding suitable company for their respective project and before implementing the project they are supposed to learn those technologies through which they implement their project. In this process students usually prefer buying a readymade project from institutes and when they are asked questions about their projects then they are not in a position to answer any thing. This is the reality followed every-where. But in our college, students are made to learn and implement their projects in college itself. It is the best opportunity given to students. Instead of working on any other project, we are working on in-house projects which will help in automating the college as well as students gain a lot of knowledge. There are various projects like 1. Bulk SMS 2. Personnel Management System 3. Online payment system 4. Student Assessment System 5. Etc There are total 12 projects undertaken this year. This revolution has taken place from this year because in past college has experienced worst performance by students regarding projects. Initially we all students were irritated by this, but now we are enjoying it. Doing project by our own brings satisfaction. Our college has thought out of box and done such a great thing. It is an achievement for the college. College has collaborated with Santosh Technologies and they come to college to teach us. Hearty thanks to our college for introducing such an innovative system.

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